I am writing a letter
I am getting better
I am hoping to reach her
I am writing a letter

To you
A certain someone
With a clear sky and point of view

I am writing another letter
I am thinking about whether
I should write about dry weather
Or about their lie and terror

After writing a letter
I will write another letter
Forming words together

After some time
I will write another line
Counting every crime

As an act of protest
I will write another text
What is coming next?

Branded the history of my land
On paper, by hand and hand
My truth, our truth, unbanned

I have written a letter
I have written a word
I have written a line
I have written a text
I have written a story
I have written a truth
I have broken a law
To find freedom

My people prisoned, my mind free    

The truth prisoned, a truth no one will see...

I am a threat
To my country that I will set